Your Goals

Goal Setting and Goal Planning

Whether you want to lose weight, move house, take a step higher on your career ladder or start a whole new life, what you really want needs to be transformed from a wish to a want and then into your success.  And for that, you need a plan.

I use a fusion of coaching techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and TimeLine Therapy to help you get really clear on what matters most, align your mindset with success and help you build a step-by-step plan, making sure that the language you use will support your journey. Once you’ve completed your goal plan, you’ll be heading in the right direction for success. Almost immediately, you’ll notice transformation start to happen. 

You have a choice of working on a one-to-one basis with me or joining a workshop. 

I work with clients on their personal goals and their professional goals – my methods are powerful for both.

Workshop pack

Achieve My Goals Workshop - £57 per person

In this 3 hour workshop, you’ll be online with others who want exactly what you want – to have fun while you create a step-by-step goal plan that works!

Before the workshop, you’ll receive:

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Achieve My Goals One:One Coaching Programme - £270

Your programme includes:

Some Questions Answered

Choosing the workshop means that you’ll have the company of others while you create your Goal Achievement Plan, whether that’s in a physical room or online.  If you prefer a class workout to a personal trainer, you’ll love it.

If you like a more tailored approach and full attention, the 1:1 programme will better suit you.

You can book life coaching sessions following either option if you would like further support or want to work on any specific areas of your life.

My Goal Achievement Plan can incorporate a wide range of matters – building confidence, working through relationship matters, planning a house move or career progression.  Each individual chooses what matters most and works their Plan around that.

It’s designed for secondary school age and upwards.  Simply book tickets for each family member you’d like to attend.