What Matters

We measure ourselves against so much, don’t we?

On a day we feel less than we are, we can find ourselves disillusioned as we compare ourselves against those who look like they’ve nailed it.

So, Friend One has moved to a much more fashionable part of town; Friend Two has just bought the car we are still saving up for; Friend Three gets caught in a downpour on her way to meet you for lunch, yet still looks fabulous when she hugs you hello….

Here’s a little perspective:

Don’t fret about your postcode,
Whether you drive a top model car
Or if the shine of your hair can rival the smoothest styles posted on social media.

What matters is how you’ve made your house a home,
That your car can get you to your friends when they need you
And whether you can still love yourself on a bad hair day.

I wish you Oneness.
.. Annie ..

If you want to move from the person who wishes they had something different, to the You who feels like you’ve nailed it, Life Coaching might be just what you need.   Read more about Life Coaching

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