This One’s For The Kids

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Your mission. Should you choose to accept it…

Imagine your parents have just won £8.5M on the lottery and they just don’t know what to do with it!

They’ve asked for your advice. In return for good advice they will reward you handsomely!

Consider how they could spend the money and come up with a plan. You need to include the following:

Part One

A house to move to or reasons why you should not move.  Include the following:

  • Use a persuasive argument to present which town/part of the country you think would best suit your family
  • The type of property (eg. traditional house, converted barn, number of bedrooms, other rooms, how much land/any outbuildings/pool, staff quarters etc)
  • The price of the property
  • Sketch a floor plan or provide a diagram of the style of the property.  You can use computer graphic packages, print a picture from the internet or draw/paint a picture.

Part Two

Your parents know that it is wise to invest for the future.

  • How much money do you think they should invest?
  • What will you suggest they invest in?  Give a figure for each part of the investment (eg. art, property, jewellery, shares, animals)

Part Three

Your parents have decided to donate 20% of their winnings to charity.

  • What is 20% of £8.5M
  • Which charity or charities will you recommend?  If more than one, how much will each receive?

Part Four

You’re going to have an amazing family holiday.  Where will you recommend as a destination?  Explain why you think this will make a good holiday including:

  • The food 
  • The culture and/or history

Part Five

Your reward for all this help is £10,000 to spend however you wish!! You just need to give your parents a breakdown of how you plan to spend the money before they hand over the dosh! Include details of:

  • What you want to purchase
    • The costs of each item
    • Where you’d like to buy from.

You can use the money for trips, experiences, education and goods.

Tip: Make sure you read all the parts of the project before you start work, otherwise you will find yourself having to return to make adjustments!!

Have fun with this project! You can work in teams with members of your family or with friends over an internet link. Or you can surprise everyone and come up with an amazing plan. Just remind your parents to purchase a lottery ticket!

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