The Yay List !

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So, you started early, you were fiendishly focussed, you were too busy to eat a proper lunch, you charged around from one thing to the next.  Then you look at your list and you feel yourself droop.  What happened?  You’ve barely stopped for breath and yet you can only tick two of the nine items on your list! Disappointing, isn’t it ?

How many things do you have on your To Do List for today?  How many of those will you actually achieve?

I love, love, love a To Do List.  Used properly it’s a fantastic tool to keep us on track.  But it can also create an end of day downer…..

There are ways (and other ways) to handle the To Do List.  But this is my first blog so let me say Hello by giving you a Top Feel Good Tip.  This is quick, easy and something you can start now.

I want you to start a separate list.

Before you roll your eyes and groan about having one more thing to do (oh you already did!) believe me when I tell you that this small thing is going to put a big smile on your face.

Your new list is your Yay List.  Date it.  Put a doodle on it, if you wish.  Keep it running next to your To Do list.

Every time you complete something to a point it can be counted as an achievement, add it to your Yay List.  That includes the mundane and the every day stuff. For example, walked the dog, drove the kids to football/ballet/how to become a future prime minister, listened to your boss give an in-depth account of their performance on the golf course yesterday….  You spent time doing the task so it earns a place on the list.

Remember to continue to pay attention and prioritise and reprioritise your To Do List.  Your Yay List is a new list in addition to that.

Try it – and say if it made you say Yay!

Have A Yay Day.

.. Annie ..

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