The Power of Daydreaming

Red Garden Chair

It’s common knowledge that the best ideas often happen in the bathroom!  This is because your mind has space to breathe.  When you step into the shower and the water hits your skin, it causes your awareness to change direction – just for a second.  And it’s in that moment that your subconscious, with all its undiluted brilliance, grabs its opportunity to have a say.  You enter a chapter of possibility, growth, resolution… and then you reach for the towel and the supplementary benefits of your shower drain away.

Our lives demand so much of us that creative exploration gets squeezed out of the mix.  Being Here Now is a challenge, let alone having time for anything in the periphery.  We become overpowered by our calendars.  But we don’t have to. 

Schedule time for Daydreaming. 

Protect it fiercely.  It’s no less important than checking your emails.

Allow your mind to wander where it wants to.  Like meditation, this might take a while to get used to, but stick with it. 

Here’s a heads up for you:  Your conscious mind will probably pop in to say Hi, distract you, tell you that you should be doing something else – get up, check your email, talk.  Acknowledge the thought it brings and put it aside so that you can return to the important business of Daydreaming.  You’ll begin to notice ideas and answers coming to you.  It’s not a coincidence.  It’s not actually out of the blue.  You’re just allowing yourself to release your creativity.   

For example, you might be feeling disenchanted with a planned presentation.  Suddenly, you see yourself animated and engaging – new words come and you’re ready to create something that feels positively vibrant.  Or perhaps an answer to the question that’s kept you awake for weeks, suddenly appears.  And at last, you can wake up in the morning feeling restored and somewhat relieved.

This isn’t the same as an inability to focus.  This is a grown-up, responsible, valuable activity.  The guilt you will no doubt feel at first will be forgotten as you start to reap the benefits.  Your next challenge is to trust what comes to you in that time and how you will take action to make your Daydreams a reality…

How To Daydream

  1. Schedule some time – a half hour is plenty to reap the benefits, without impacting on your To Do list!
  2. Choose your location – close the door to your office, sit in your stationary car or get comfy in your favourite chair.  Silence your phone. 
  3. Have a cup of something delicious with you.  The practice of lifting the cup to your mouth and drinking will trick your conscious mind into accepting that you are still busy!  Enjoy your drink mindfully – notice the temperature of your drink, the smell of it, the taste of it.  Turn your attention to it.  This will focus your mind on something outside your busyness before you allow it to wander.
  4. Let your mind go where it wants to.  There are no rules.  Let it drift from one thing to the next.  You can look at the view, doodle, colour, breathe.  Your eyes should be open, this is Daydreaming, not a meditation or a nap!
  5. What comes to you, comes to you.  Accept the thoughts and ideas that drift in and out.  Settle on one that feels right and allow it to develop.
Find a favourite spot in the garden…

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