Terms & Conditions

Most of what you will want to know will be in the Privacy Policy.

Sessions are not refundable, including any pre-paid sessions that are missed.

Client information relevant for legal/accounting purposes will be kept for a reasonable time, after which will be confidentially disposed of.

Any notes made in preparation, during or after sessions will be kept confidentially, and disposed of after a reasonable time. Information and inspiration from sessions may be used by Annie Taylor, however, personal details will remain confidential unless permission is given by the client. Contact details will not be stored electronically unless as a result of email exchange. The client should exercise diligence in respect of any information shared electronically.

Coaching sessions are conducted in good faith with the client remaining in control and with responsibility for decisions made during or following the sessions. Therefore, any loss or expense believed to have occurred as a result of information provided is the responsibility of the client.

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