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How To Have A Weekend

Now that we must stay at home how can you make sure everyone feels like they’re having time off at the weekend?  The answer lies in routine.  Having a weekend is about creating difference in your routine.  It’s about how you spend your time; it doesn’t have to be about the building you’re in. Review …

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This One’s For The Kids

Your mission. Should you choose to accept it… Imagine your parents have just won £8.5M on the lottery and they just don’t know what to do with it! They’ve asked for your advice. In return for good advice they will reward you handsomely! Consider how they could spend the money and come up with a …

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How to work from home

Most of us have had the odd day here and there working from home but when you do it full time it’s very different.  The transition can feel trickier than you expect.  Without doubt, there’s an increase in flexibility, but the new arrangement also brings its challenges, especially if you have family at home with …

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