September: Time To Review Your Goals

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In much the same way that January prods us into action after the Christmastime hangover, September signifies a wake-up call after the summer holidays.

It’s back to school.
Back to parliament.
Back to work.

Back to normality.

Our days of lazy mornings, flip flops and late summer evenings feel like a thing of the past while we switch into catch up mode. Busyness hits us and the reality of life is back.

I love September for the need to examine my Autumn wardrobe, the transforming colours of nature and all I can look forward to on my calendar as the seasons change.

I’m also acutely aware that September is a time to refocus. When I consider my achievements in December, I want to feel satisfied. It’s no joke that we can feel time speeding up. Where have the months gone? Are the goals you set in January still unchecked? What have you done about them?

Take some time. I recommend a quiet corner, a cup of your favourite tea and a clear half hour when you won’t be interrupted. In a busy household, you may need to set your alarm half an hour early and tiptoe to your chosen spot… 

Highlight the outstanding items on your list for 2019 if you made one. Now re-highlight the one item that will make the biggest positive difference in your life. (If you don’t have a list or can’t find it, just make a list of things you want to achieve, then do the second step.)

Now think about how you will feel when you have achieved that one, most impactful item. Build a picture in your mind. Imagine how you will feel when you’ve achieved it.  Take a deep breath in, as though that breath contains the experience of your achievement so you get a sense of what success feels like.   

Hold this goal in your mind so that every day, you can do something – no matter how big or small, but something – to move you closer towards achievement. You may find it helpful to stick a reminder on the fridge, car dashboard, bathroom mirror or use an appropriate screensaver that helps you connect with your goal. Own it.

When you do your stock take in December, I want you to be pleased with yourself.

Most of us, at some time, need help in sifting the superficial from the serious. If you’d like to feel clear on your true priorities so that you can really start to focus on what matters most, get in touch.  I love witnessing lightbulb moments when I’m working with my clients and hearing about how their motivation and success increases as a result of coaching.   We start with a simple chat on the phone, decide whether coaching looks like the best option and take it from there.  I work from Audlem (near Nantwich), Crewe and just outside Chester.


t: 07393 722129 

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