Customer Reviews


Annie is brilliant to work with - her calming manner and incisive understanding really make her an excellent coach. She is also a very good listener and multi-talented. Can't recommend her highly enough!

HR Professional, Cheshire

I thoroughly recommend Annie. She has really helped me with learning how to balance work and home life. Things have been choatic to say the least since covid 19 hit. She has helped me realise there are things I can control and do despite the unpredictability of life at the moment. Thank you Annie!

Business Owner, Cheshire

The investment of a consultation with Annie far outweighs the amount of money I've wasted on clothes that don’t work for me. My wardrobe had become mis-matched and having a complete overhaul wasn't an option. I signed up for both the Personalised Style Consultation and the Colour Consultation. It was exactly what I needed, it was really easy (and preferable) to do the consultation online. I had an exhilarating day with Annie, she instantly makes you feel comfortable and at ease with her beautiful caring, nurturing personality, and above all, she’s a style role model! Annie gave me endless tips and simple tricks on what looks good on me and the different effects that I could achieve by swopping just one item of clothing or adding an accessory. She showed me that my current wardrobe really isn't as bad as I thought and with a little interchange here and there, I have a brand new outfit! But she’s also given me knowledge and confidence for shopping because I know which colours and styles make me look how a want to look and I understand how to put them together. Now, once I'm dressed for the day, I don’t give another thought about how I look because I just know I look fab. I'd recommend a Consultation from Annie in a heartbeat for when you're ready to have an expert set of eyes that will change how you look and feel about yourself. Thank you Annie for all that you have done for me, you are a glamorous star!

Virtual Assistant, Cheshire

Annie’s approach is as sophisticated as it is well thought out. Not to mention effective! I would not hesitate to recommend Annie to anyone and often do.

Senior Manager, Cheshire

Annie’s skilful approach was a breath of fresh air and has helped me massively get clarity in my personal and professional life. Talk to Annie, she can help you unleash your most powerful self. Thank you Annie.

Fundraiser, Cheshire

My confidence was at an all-time low and when we were invited to a wedding, I could feel myself panicking as many of the guests would have last seen me when I had a thriving business and was 2 dress sizes smaller. I felt ashamed and I really didn’t want to go but the couple getting married were good friends and my husband was looking forward to the celebrations. Annie was easy to talk to. I could say things I wouldn’t want to say out loud to anyone else. I don’t really know how she did it, but she helped me find my confidence. I went to the wedding wearing an outfit I wouldn’t have chosen before, feeling proud of myself. We had a great time, but that was only the beginning. I take care over myself now and I don’t want to hide in the background anymore. I like myself a lot more than I used to!

Florist, Surrey

I approached Annie when I was at a particularly low point. Right from the start, she helped me to structure my goals and actions in ways I would never have thought of otherwise. She offered a different perspective and helped me feel much more confident about sorting out my life. I’m very grateful for her brilliant support.

HR Professional, North West

I worked with Annie in the past. I’ve sat in a room with 6 people debating something until Annie cuts to the chase with a view that makes everything obvious. She’s got a way of unscrambling things so you can stop the debate and get on with the job. When I was offered a secondment in the USA I should have celebrated but instead, I found myself deliberating. Annie help me tackle my dilemma. I gained the clarity I needed and made the best decision for me and my family. I’m not sure I would have arrived at the same decision without her help.

Head of Department, Berkshire

Without realising or acknowledging the fact that I had carried a lifetimes unhappy baggage around with me – affecting my life & everything it entailed. In working with Annie, the burden began to lessen and clouds to lift. I was able to think more clearly, sleep more deeply & to rationalise. It was Annie’s listening ear and the gentle teasing apart of thoughts & beliefs that helped me move forward. After four meetings I felt as if a weight had been lifted; I was more positive and able to decide my own future needs. Worries had drifted away & everyday challenges, dreams and hopes came to the forefront … Annie ….. who makes everything seem possible!!!! Thank you Annie.

School Governor, North West

I used to wake during the night in a panic. I had a job I needed to be clear for and it was time to get help. I worked with Annie for 6 sessions. My sleep improved considerably and I felt more optimistic about the future. I began to identify the things that really mattered to me and understand how I could achieve them with my partner. The night-time panics stopped. I am now living the life I dreamed of.

Police Officer, Surrey