Mid-Life Crisis v Mid-Life Opportunity

Stressed woman with hands on her forehead

Our schedules force us to gulp down the last of our coffee because we’re running behind. And when technology fails us we feel the clock increasing speed – we are sent into high alert, with progress restricted, having to deal with unexpected limitations in our failing battle with time. We notice that 11am turned too quickly into 2pm.

A bit like arriving at your station and not remembering the journey. Surveying yourself in the mirror you see eyeshadow settling into creases that weren’t there before. Here it is: The evidence that you are no longer as young as you once were. This station can come as a surprise.
You know it’s there.
But you didn’t see it coming.

Whether it happens at the age of 35 or 65, there’s a moment when we truly become aware of our mortality and of having less time to fulfil our Hopes and Dreams. That’s what the Mid-Life Crisis is all about. Fear.

Perception is the difference between a Mid-Life Crisis and a Mid-Life Opportunity.

Now’s the time to examine the level of balance in your life. When you have an agreed time to submit a proposal for a big piece of work, you focus. Delivering excellence is a must. And expected. Your Life should be no different. You’ve spent time climbing your ladder. Just take a moment to check that it’s leaning against the right wall.

Get clear on what matters most.
Be honest with yourself.
Stop wasting time.
Ditch the excuses and get focussed.

Swop your Crisis for an Exciting Opportunity.

Things change. Summer turns to Autumn. We find lines on our face that weren’t there before. Kids leave home. We get made redundant. Maybe there’s a health issue we are forced to deal with…

When change is forced upon us we can feel affronted by it. But it doesn’t have to be our crisis. Make it your opportunity.

.. Annie ..

Turn your Crisis into an Opportunity with Life Coaching. Give me a call on 07393 722129.

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