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When a local lady asked if I could start a meditation class it didn’t take me long to think about it. 

Meditation has presented itself to me in various ways during my own life journey.  So in starting a class, my style is influenced by courses taken in Spiritual Healing (NFSH) and Huna (Tad James).  And as Mindfulness is a word that is spreading like a healthy wildfire, I have a way to describe the style of my guided meditations.

Each week, my classes have a theme – stress, communication, pain management, happiness… and yet, the meditations will be very easily adaptable.  So, if you’re interested in guided meditation, you could come along whatever the theme is for the week.  And you will benefit.

What to expect

Arrive in good time, make your payment, choose a space in the hall. Chairs (surprisingly comfy) are available in the hall or if you prefer, bring a yoga mat or a large towel to sit or lie on. If you want to, bring a cushion to rest your head on. You simply need to be comfortable. Have your water bottle close to hand and settle yourself.

Essential oils are on offer (diluted in a carrier oil, so it’s ok to drop this directly onto your skin). Choose from a relaxing blend or a refreshing one.

And simply listen to the music and my voice as I guide you through the meditation.

I used meditation as part of my own return to wellness plan many years ago. I have personal understanding of the benefits.  And the meditations at my class will be written by me.

To the lady who asked if I could please do this, I say thank you.  It is always an honour to work with individuals who want to achieve a greater level of peace and harmony.

The classes are held in the beautiful village of Audlem, Cheshire.  Drive for 10 minutes and you could find yourself in Shropshire or Staffordshire – Audlem sits almost on the border of three counties.

Classes are just £6 (ask for the loyalty scheme) and start at 7.15pm at The Annexe, Audlem Public Hall, 12 Cheshire St, Audlem, CW3 0AH.  Inside, the hall is carpeted, clean and warm. There’s a free car park and on street parking, both right outside the hall.  It couldn’t be easier.

For more information and to book, simply phone or text me: 07393 722129

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