BBC Radio Stoke with Liz Ellis on 23rd April 2021 – talking about self-esteem and the pressures that young people feel in respect of photos and social media.

I’m always bleating on about the negative impact of too much time on social media. Here, I talk to Liz Ellis at BBC Radio Stoke about filters, what’s real and what’s not and the influence that images on social media can have on us and our kids.

Prompted by upset caused by an ‘untouched’ photo being posted of a celebrity, we talk about image and the pressures on young people.
So, how do you feel about this? What counts as real and what counts as not? Is putting on make-up before taking a selfie ok? Does it matter if you use filters to alter how you look? How do you feel about showing up as the real you after weeks of posting ‘enhanced’ selfies?

I’m not someone who shouts about my health but I love how this podcast shares information about chronic conditions that are just not obvious. I was diagnosed with ME and systemic candida years ago, when many still dismissed these as “made up” excuses to be lazy or get faddy about food so my return to health was a goal I had manage alone.

As someone who was addicted to work, always wanting to be the very best I could be, I didn’t notice how I was feeling. Recovery meant making huge change to lifestyle and my way of thinking. Having helped so many people achieve success, I was suddenly on a journey of my own. Getting clear on what mattered most kept me focussed. I made every necessary change, working through the layers of my life, keeping my focus on my goal. I wasn’t brave. I was simply afraid of failure. So for me, there was no other option than success – I simply wasn’t prepared to accept the alternative.

It’s so easy to put yourself to the bottom of the pile – thinking that work or others are more important. If that’s your way of thinking – if that’s a habit you live by – then it’s time to change.

Here, I chat with Kedren Elliot of The Happiness Hub about what life was like when I was at my worst and how I dug myself out of that rut.

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