Losing a Loved One

depressed woman sitting in the floor on the beach at sunset

When death touches us, expected or not, it brings a Tsunami of emotions with it. 

It rips us apart and throws bits of us up in the air that we didn’t even know existed.  Eventually, everything is stuffed back inside, not quite in the same way as before.  We are left with an invisible scar. 

Our wound bleeds, unnoticed by others, at various times of the year.  Christmases and birthdays.  Holidays, because we’d usually send a look-at-us-having-fun-selfie.  And every time you reach for the phone.

When it feels too much, take just one hour at a time.  That’s all.  One hour.  One task.  One thought.  One tear.  One breath.  The floods will disperse.  You will be able to pick your way back to a normality.  Eventually you will manage the whole day that most people seem to suggest. 

I’ve worked with people who have lost through death and divorce and with people who aren’t sure if their relationship has died or still has a chance of life. The experience of loss is different for each and every one of us. And your journey has to be relevant to how you feel so that you can return to a sense of normality, recognising the importance of your love and honouring the relationship as you rebuild your life.

Phone or text me on 07393 722129 to talk or email me at annie@www.annietaylorcoaching.co.uk If you choose to work with me, we’ll make sure that the time you invest is relevant to what you want to achieve. An initial consultation is free and without obligation.

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