Life Coaching

Life Coaching Cheshire

Life Coaching will help you transform your blockers such as fears, limiting beliefs or low self-esteem into power-based positives so that your journey to what you really want becomes easier. You’ll learn how to live life feeling freer, more confident and attract more joy

If you feel stuck in a rut, give me call – let’s have a chat about the best way to move you forward.  Sessions are insightful and empowering.

Life Coaching Sessions are available to book at £50 per hour and can follow any workshop or programme. You can book sessions to support you in your journey towards your goal, or in any other objectives.  Currently, all coaching sessions take place online, via Zoom or Skype.

Your Goals

Whether you want to lose weight, move house, take a step higher on your career ladder or start a whole new life, what you really want needs to be transformed from a wish to a want and then into your success.  And for that, you need a plan.

Some Questions Answered

We’ll speak on the phone first and you’ll complete a simple form and return that to me.  So, we would already have identified what you want to work on when we meet.  During your session, I’ll ask some challenging questions and pick out themes or points to address further.  I’ll help you get aligned with the stuff you really want and work out how you can make the positive changes necessary to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.  I usually give my clients some homework so that you continue to make progress outside of our sessions.

Therapy in general is about helping the client to cope, come to terms with a situation or experience and feel ready to move on.  Sometimes the therapist will help you begin to think towards the future.  There’s an area of crossover between coaching and counselling.

Coaching is very definitely about your future.  In coaching we use tools that help you move towards what you want and achieve your goals at a quicker pace and always working with you in timeframes that are comfortable for you.  We address the past only if we need to take a particular learning or apply some wisdom.  Many of my clients have had therapy in the past – coaching accelerates their steps to success.

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