International Stress Awareness Week

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Did you know that there is a Stress Awareness Week?  This year it’s week commencing 5th November.  Ironic, as most of us are very much aware of our stresses! Yet there it is.

The idea is to pay better attention to the negative impact of stress in our lives and what we could do about managing that. Stress Awareness Week therefore, must be a good idea – given that within just moments of being with a group of people, at least one of you will mention a current stressor. Work pressure, kids, how to fit it all in…. wondering how you’ll feel fulfilled when the kids leave home… or when you retire. These are all things that sit in our minds, niggling at us until we find our sleep interrupted, hear ourselves snapping at our spouse, or wondering what it would be like if we just took a day off and kept driving… You have to come back, though. So you need a responsible way to deal with It. Whatever your ‘It’ happens to be.

Enter the Life Coach. Someone who’s been there and done that. Not necessarily the same There or That as you personally, but certainly enough to know what’s what. Someone, perhaps, with qualifications you didn’t hear about at Uni. Someone who has experience in listening in a different way to your friends at the local. Someone who can help you redirect the stuff that’s stuck on the roundabout in your head so that you can get off the loop and move forward.

Life Coach. Not something you may have thought about before. Quite often a holiday or a new handbag will see you right for a short while. It’s not as though you have toothache. You can’t ignore toothache. If you had toothache, you’d see your dentist. How long will you ignore the discomfort of the ‘It’ that’s troubling you? You can’t see your dentist for that, no matter how good they are. And your personal trainer has helped you get fitter than you were before – and you’re looking better for it – but the other stuff is still there.

When we are affected by stress our resources are diminished… and we can’t give what we don’t have. Work suffers, relationships suffer, health suffers. We lose optimism. We notice more easily what’s wrong, rather than what’s possible.

The trouble with stress is that it turns you out of the person you like being. It makes you snappy, inconsiderate and impatient. It turns you into a lesser version of yourself. And no-one deserves either to feel like that, or to be on the receiving end of it.

International Stress Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity to sit up and take notice of yourself. The perfect time to commit to positive change. So, whether that’s a weekly massage, learning to meditate or making a call to a Life Coach, do it. You deserve to be at your best. And you family will love you even more for it!

Wishing you all serenity.
Be @one with what matters most.

.. Annie ..

If your stress is due to work, relationships, or just life in general, now’s the time to act. Give me a call for a free telephone consultation prior to booking. I look forward to hearing from you.

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