Image Consultancy

Working with me, you’ll define your own style. 

More then ever, people realise the value of good self-presentation.  Whether you want to improve your image for work and meetings, for your business brand or simply because you know you’re worth it, putting yourself together is a skill you can enjoy.  A consultation will mean you can:

You don’t need to follow the latest fashion trends – you’ll know how to update your look and stay true to what you love.

Build confidence

Save money

Always know what to wear

Body Shape and Style Consultation - £97

What you’ll get

  • Learn how to build outfits that reflect your personality and build your confidence.
  • Discover tricks that mean you can get dressed in minutes and look amazing!
  • Learn how to shop wisely.
  • Understand why some purchases become white elephants in your wardrobe, how to avoid those mistakes and how to get value from every purchase.
  • Find out what will make the best impact for you in your on-line or in-room meetings.
  • Learn tricks the professionals use to create the illusion you want.
  • Understand the importance of fabric choice for your shape.
  • Learn how to piece items together to make the most of your shape.

What we’ll do

Colour Consultation - £97

We’re all different.  Although you may have heard of ‘seasonal’ colours, the fact is, that most of us don’t fall neatly into one of those categories.  Your unique blend of skin tone, hair and eye colour is where the joy lies and what makes your own colour discovery so exciting.  I work with seasonal and tonal colours to give you a wider, more workable spectrum for your wardrobe.  Once you’ve learned which colours to use and most importantly, how to use them, you’ll find yourself putting stunning combinations together that make you look fantastic – even if you choose to stick with a range of neutrals! 

Shopping becomes quicker and easier and your wardrobe will develop so that pieces naturally fit together.  You’ll find yourself spending less and having more to wear!

What you’ll get

What we’ll do

Some Questions Answered

The cells that hold natural pigment in our skin are called melanocytes.  As we get older the proportion of these cells decrease, while the remaining ones increase in size. It causes our skin to look paler and more translucent.  In addition, our hair colour changes, either due to our age or simply our choice.  Either of these changes are good reasons to book a Colour Consultation for an update.   

Then that’s what we’ll do.  I’ll also show you how you can make some adjustments to give your wardrobe more variety.  As most options for clothing seem to include black, it’s worth knowing how to make it work well for you!

My job is to help you feel comfortable with who you are.  I completely understand the need for privacy.  I worked as a personal stylist in a ladies’ fashion store for 3 years.  Some customers were happy to change right in front of me, while others preferred to check that every possible gap of the fitting room was covered by the curtain.  We’ll be working in a way that means you feel comfortable at all times.  This is about building your confidence.  I want you to really enjoy the experience. At the end of your consultation you’ll know how to flatter your shape and feel good about what you wear.  

Yes, of course.  That’s my job!  Book a consultation 😊  I’ll help you discover how to feel amazing!

Some clients want a reason to bag everything for the local charity shop and start anew;  others want only to know how to replace items with better buys in the future.  Adding one or two key pieces or replacing pieces as time progresses means caring for the environment and a sensible approach to spending.  I encourage my clients to continue to get value from what they already have in their wardrobe if they’re willing to do so!

Yes!  And she’ll love you for it!

Yes and we’ll cover that during your style consultation.  If you’d like a personal shopping service, that’s £30 per hour plus any expenses.  Online or in person.

Of course!  You want your wardrobe to welcome you.  We can do this online or in person, £30 per hour plus any expenses.  

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