It’s important to recognise whether what you’re feeling is worry or whether it’s anxiety.  Both can have a significant impact on how we feel. 

Here’s a way of differentiating between the two: 

Stressed woman with hands on her forehead


You’re concerned about something that’s happened or happening.  It’s a real situation that you need to deal with. You may also feel concerned about something that’s likely to happen. For example, if you’ve received redundancy notice, it’s natural to worry about finding a new job.  Or if a member of the family is very ill, it’s natural to worry about them.

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You’re worrying constantly about something that may never happen or that could happen in the future.  You’ve changed the way you make choices because you’re fearful. Your sleep has been disrupted for a while, perhaps your habits have begun to change. 

Think of it like the difference between a fear and a phobia (where fear is something you experience in the moment, but a phobia causes you to change your plan of action).

If anxiety is stopping you from taking steps to improve your life in the way you want to, hypnotherapy can help you gain perspective which means you’ll feel able to start working on your future goals.  And your steps to success will be as little or a large as you feel comfortable with.  We can use hypnotherapy like a stepping stone onto the path you want to take.

So, hypnotherapy will be your first step towards success. From there, you can move on to coaching and I’ll help you build a plan that’s just right for you.

How we’ll work

Firstly, we need a consultation.  I want to understand if hypnotherapy is the best option for you – I have a variety of tools in my coaching belt and there may be other way to address your anxiety. I’d like to be able to offer you what I believe to be the most appropriate option.

Assuming we agree to book you in for hypnotherapy, we’ll agree dates for your discovery session and two hypnotherapy sessions. 

Your discovery session is where you’ll fill me in with the details of your situation and how you’re feeling. This and your hypnotherapy sessions will be up to one hour each.  And each time we meet, you’ll be able to fill me in on the progress you’ve made at the start of your session so that our work together stays relevant to where you are in your journey.

You’ll take as many hypnotherapy sessions as we agree are useful for you.  Very soon, you’ll be able to consider how you’d like to progress – coaching sessions or a goal achievement plan.  And by then, you’ll probably notice that you’ve exchanged at least some of your anxiety for excitement!

We’ll need to meet in real space for hypnotherapy but we can meet for coaching sessions online.

So, what should you do now?

Give me a call on 07393 722129 or send an email to annie@onelifeandstyle.co.uk or simple go to the contact sheet on this website.

I offer hypnotherapy for anxiety. 

We begin with a 1 hour meeting to discuss how you are now and what you want to achieve. This is known as Discovery and it’s about me getting to understand enough about you to tailor your sessions to your specific needs.

Your following sessions will include a quick catch up on your progress before we begin with your hypnotherapy.

Sessions last 1 hour.

If you’d like to know more or book a session, please phone me on 07393 722129 or email me at annie@onelifeandstyle.com

Some Questions Answered

Yes, as much as you might remember from any other type of therapy session. You’ll be aware of what’s being said and of what you’re saying or how you’re feeling during your session.

Well, unless you attend one of those entertainment shows, absolutely none!  Those shows can be great fun (I went to one of those Paul McKenna shows myself many years ago!) but that’s got nothing, really to do with a hypnotherapy session. When we work together, we are focussed on your goal. Nothing else!

How long is a piece of string?  Everyone’s different. As with life coaching, some people only need 2 or 3 sessions, some continue for longer. Most hypnotherapy clients take around 6 or 7 sessions.  I like my clients to feel empowered from their work with me, so if it’s appropriate, we can make a decision to shift from hypnotherapy to life coaching after a couple of sessions. 

No. As far as I’m concerned you’re fine just sitting in a supportive chair.  

Hypnotherapy Session Price


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