How To Live A Stressful Life

Busy woman
  1. Say yes to everything
  2. Treat everything as urgent
  3. Reduce water consumption and increase caffeine
  4. Replace fruit with unhealthy snacks
  5. Check emails at bedtime
  6.  Delay bedtime by a couple of hours
  7.  Replace all exercise with TV and social media
  8.  Be ‘too busy’ to see friends and family
  9.  Work for an organisation with opposing values to your own
  10.  Work longer hours that you should
  11.   Break promises to yourself
  12.   Gossip
  13.   Always leave the house later than you need to
  14.    Drive a bit too fast
  15.    Interrupt people when they’re trying to talk to you
  16.    Curse because you’re stressed
  17.    Park all the tricky stuff instead of dealing with it
  18.    Load your Daily To Do List with enough items for 3 days
  19.    Breathe poorly
  20.    Blame others  

It doesn’t have to be this way!  Give me a call, text or email if you’d like to find out if I can help you turn this list into something better!  07393 722129.   Appointments in Audlem (nr Nantwich), in Crewe or just outside Chester.

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