Life Coaching for Teenagers

Coaching Programme for Teenagers

Teens today face many more challenges than ever before.  The pressures of school, friendships and social expectations can weigh heavily – especially when you consider the chaos that hormones are causing! When overwhelm starts to creep in, the fun that you want your child to experience as they transition to adulthood is taken over by the stresses of everyday life.

As the parent, you want your teenager to be completely happy, healthy and achieve well.  But if they’re struggling with even one area in life, the impact on the rest of teen life can be detrimental.  Sometimes kids just don’t know how to accept their parents’ wisdom, no matter how thoughtfully or sensitively it’s offered.  That’s when a life coach can help.

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You want your Teen to:

We’ll begin with a free consultation, giving you and your Teen time to decide whether coaching feels like the right option.  Once you’ve decided, we’ll get started as soon as possible.

In 7 weekly coaching sessions, the Coaching Programme for Teenagers covers the areas of life that very easily impact everything else.

Here’s what we cover:


Your Teen gets to talk about what Life is like for them. As they talk, I’ll pick up points to tackle in further sessions.


Upscale their achievement. They’ll set goals for themselves that feel appropriate and achievable which will increase motivation and results.

Self-esteem and confidence

We’ll work on developing a more positive self-image. Your Teen will learn how to feel more comfortable in their own skin, answering questions in class without hesitation, learning how to say ‘no’ when something’s not right, asking for help when they need it. We’ll also cover their relationship with social media.


Get to grips with what positive relationships look like and what negative relationships look like. Understand what’s important in their friendships and create a healthy perspective.

At Home

Identify your Teen’s desired role within family and understand what’s needed for them to feel understood and supported.


Discover how to incorporate positive habits that feel relevant.

A family session

Time for recommendations for you and your Teen going forward.

Follow up

6-8 weeks after the last session, I’ll meet with you and your Teen again to follow up.


Your Teen is the client which means that their sessions are treated with confidentiality.  They are encouraged to share only what they feel comfortable with.  The family session will draw only on areas that your Teen feels comfortable sharing.  This session could include just you and your Teen or, if appropriate, the whole of your household.  Your Teen needs to feel in control and confident about how we take this step in their programme and who with.  Please remember, this has nothing to do with how much you love your Teen or how much they love and appreciate you. Think back… sometimes it just feels hard.

Once you’ve confirmed the programme for your Teen, you’ll receive a pack which includes:

Teenager Coaching Programme


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