Being @One.

What would I mean if I said that I am “at one with myself”?

I would mean that I am aligned

with my values,

with what matters most to me,

with my conscience.

What does it mean for you to be @One. with yourself?

What does it look like? … What would it look like?

When we are aligned with what matters most, we are happier and feel freer. We make choices that support our Hopes and Dreams. We have clarity and therefore we can be discerning.

When we are @One., decision making becomes so much easier. We rid ourselves of negativity. We discard other people’s limiters and paradigms from our Plan. We disconnect the unhelpful chatter.

Being @One. means that we achieve what matters most with more ease. No longer trying to battle our way through a sea of oncoming distractions, we can focus. The tide starts to carry us in the right direction. Suddenly, we find ourselves moving towards what we want.

Being @One. makes you secure enough to operate with generosity; with more kindness, with less fear. So that the impact that we have on those around us becomes more positive. Perhaps, in turn, that generosity will spread. Your interaction with others can become potent enough to allow them to operate with more kindness; with less fear.

Being @One. is a powerful thing.

And as a powerful thing, it requires safeguarding.

You will continue to check, question, ensure alignment, grow.

You will live your life with your mind open in a way it wasn’t before.

If we each became aligned … at peace … @One. … Could we spread enough generosity to make this world a better place…? We can only hope.

But we can be sure of making our individual bubble, a better place. And that, perhaps, is a good start.

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