Be The Stronger Man

Strong Man with white wings

Once you’ve thrown the verbal blow you can’t take it back. Remember that.

Like funerals and weddings, Christmas flings us together with members of the family we manage to avoid for the rest of the year. It’s stressful.

You’ve been there, I’m sure – you manage to show off your pricey dentistry a bit, perhaps you avoid too much interaction with Naomi’s husband because it always ends with you wishing you hadn’t turned up. But after he’s had his fourth glass of whatever and starts to get a bit too warm under his Christmas sweater, his politeness mutates into something quite different while he does his best to prove to everyone that he’s just that bit ‘better’ than you.

Now’s your chance. Now is your chance to be the bigger man.
This isn’t the time for a verbal heavyweight showdown.
This is Christmas.

Be the bigger man. You are not responsible for his behaviour. But you are responsible for your own.

That means you are responsible for any hurt that results from the words you use. It takes two to turn this into a Force10 Storm. Accept the invitation for the match and it will blow through the family and be gone but it’s going to leave damage.

So, for the sake of the family and of maintaining your dignity, remove yourself from the situation and let him cool down. Give Naomi a chance to persuade him to end his offensive.

Be the man you will be proud of when you look back on the day in years to come.

Refusing to take on a fight doesn’t make you weak. It makes you someone who is mature enough to appreciate the benefits of peace.

And especially at Christmas, Peace is what it’s about. Right?

If you have a situation like this it can weigh heavily on your mind.  And what sits in your mind impacts on everything you do – work, family life, creativity.  Call me now on 07393 722129 to find out how Life Coaching with Annie Taylor Coaching will help you.  Sessions can take place at my Coaching Room, at your office or via Skype. 

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