At the age of 3, my daughter managed to pluck every single key off the laptop in the time it took me to have my morning shower.

She appeared before me and announced excitedly that she’d done something amazing. Apparently, she was right about that. The man at the PC repair shop said quite simply “Wow!” before helpfully explaining that most kids only manage up to half the keyboard. (According to him, it’s the sound of the keys pinging off that the little darlings love.) So, my daughter was right, she had done something amazing – for her. For the IT man, also, by the sound of his reaction. I had a different take on the situation, however.

When it came to preparation for school I felt I had something to think about. Yes, she needed the uniform, the PE kit and the book bag. She needed purple hair clips. And I needed to have a meaningful phrase to leave her with each day. Most parents have one of those. Play nicely. Remember to share. Don’t pick your nose in front of the teacher. That sort of thing. I wanted something that would remain throughout school life and beyond. So that the meaning could be built upon over time.

“Be amazing and have fun” is mine.

Remembering what ‘amazing’ looked like for her at the age of 3, I had the good sense to discuss with her, what it would mean now. I hoped that painting her socks green wouldn’t be a feature.

Lucky for me, after discussing some options, she decided that being a good friend, listening well in class and doing her best, whatever she was doing, would make her Amazing. We broke those into small chunks so that she had a clear picture of what each of those looked like. To her. It was her picture. She owned it. At the age of 4, she was going to be making choices many times every day without me to encourage her one way or another – whether to share, whether to cry, whether to tell the truth. Whether to laugh with her heart.  Whether to do her best to colour within the lines or whether to allow her creative spirit to decide where those lines really ought to be, if at all! I wanted her to be able to tell me how Amazing she had been at the end of her school day. If she could remember what she’d done, anyway. But that’s 4 year olds for you….

Being Amazing is about the quality of what you contribute.

If you watched yourself throughout the day, would you feel proud of what you see?

Would you look at your image on the screen and say “Wow, you’re amazing!”

Being Amazing is not the same as being perfect. We can’t be perfect. Sometimes we get things a bit wrong. And when that happens we need to own up with ourselves, take responsibility, understand what we would do differently next time. So often, it’s how you get up from a fall that’s Amazing.

We can all have moments in every day when we are truly Amazing.

And we should have fun, too.

Be @One with what matters most.

.. Annie ..

What does Amazing look like for you?  Would you manage your Day to Day differently if you knew?  Would you be more focussed on reaching your Hopes and Dreams?  Life Coaching can help you to identify and work towards the you that you want to be and the Hope and Dreams that really matter.  Give Annie a call on 07393 722129 to learn more.

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