April – Stress Awareness Month

Writing Stress Word using Red Pen

There’s a lot of information out there about the negative impact of stress in our lives.  We’re all aware of it.  We can feel it for ourselves!  

How does yours manifest itself?  Are you getting headaches?  Feeling lethargic?  Do you dread Mondays?  Or are you just ploughing on through, feeling frustrated with life and snapping at everyone in sight?

More importantly, what are you going to do about it? 

Often, changing just one thing will have a positive knock-on impact. 

Breathing techniques to help calm you is the easiest way to start.  Once you feel calm, you can begin to work on making changes so that you live a happier life and feel more in control.    You might need to start something, stop something, choose a different reaction or learn how to see things from a new angle.

If you were granted one wish, to use this week, to make a positive difference in your life, what would that be?  

I’m a Life Coach, so I won’t wave a magic wand over your stress.  What I will do, is teach you how to manage it and help you achieve positive change.  Your life can be a happier place.  For stress management tools or to make change in a way that’s comfortable for you, give me a call on:  07393 722129 or email me at:  annie@www.annietaylorcoaching.co.uk

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