Hello, I’m Annie !

I’m a transformational Life and Style Coach which means I can help you achieve the life you really want and get really confident about how you look.

Working with Annie Taylor

Working with me is fun, challenging, enlightening, fun, eye-opening, sometimes tough but always empowering and inspiring.  And…did I say fun?!

Life can feel a little overwhelming at times. Whether that’s because of relationships that are difficult to handle, health matters or because you just feel as though you’re stuck in a rut. 

Working with me means you’ll be shifting the stuff you don’t want and bringing in the stuff you do want.  We’ll work in a way that’s sensitive to your needs.  You have options to choose from and I’m always happy to have a chat on the phone if you’re not sure how to begin.

What matters to me is that you feel better equipped to achieve whatever it is you really want. By questioning, challenging and supporting you I’ll help you develop a clear picture of what you want and how you can achieve it.

You get the benefit of all the years I’ve spent forming structure around the way I work and spritzing that with NLP, TimeLine Therapy and a realm of other methods and tools which I learned from some of the original coaching greats.  I’m also a qualified holistic massage therapist, spiritual healer and hypnotherapist.  When I work with you, whether that’s during a workshop, in one to one coaching or during an image consultation, I’ll be drawing on all my experience and knowledge. We’ll be shifting the limiting beliefs that have held you back so that you can move more easily towards your success.

I work with men, women and teenagers.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in need of some support.  I’d love to help you.

Some Things About Me

I’m a 50-something who grew up near London and now lives very happily with my husband and teen in Cheshire.

I believe in working hard and smart.    

I also believe in carving a well-rounded life to ensure real happiness and fulfilment.

I prefer laughter to paracetamol.

In the summer I often eat breakfast in the garden.

I wore a silver silk wedding dress and pink suede shoes on my special day.

Others have described me as: edgy, clever, skilled, talented, impressive, professional and supportive.  And there are more words, but I think that’s enough for now!

I adore a good trifle!

I’ve pretty much gone right off all things alcohol but I’m still touched when someone gives me a bottle of something special – it’s the thought that counts!

I once played Snow White.

Annie Taylor Life Coach Cheshire

Words from some of my clients...


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