A Born Life Coach

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People always want to know how I became a Life Coach. 

So, I’ve been helping people sort their stuff out for as long as I can remember.  At school I helped friends.  When I went to work, I helped the people I worked with.  And our bosses.  Also, the boss’s boss.  And then there were the friends of the people I worked with.  And as I changed from one job to the next, the number of people I was helping grew… you can see how this is going.  I was the go-to person when an issue needed resolving.  

Before I knew what goal planning was, I was helping people work out the best way to up their professional game.  I was asked to ‘spend some time with…. There seems to be a problem there…’  I sat on a panel with senior management on recruitment days because I could provide them with insight they didn’t have between them.  Someone said it was like I had a sixth sense…

As I got older, I developed a more structured style in the way I helped people.  I got thank you cards and flowers following interview preparation sessions, I felt amazing witnessing transformations of low self-esteem into self-worth.  I did a lot with confidence.  And relationships with food…

One day I went for a job interview with a firm of ‘business consultants’.  3 women impressed me with their client list.  And explained what they did.  I listened.  I felt like my ears were expanding.  I felt like my eyes were popping out.  These ‘business consultants’ were doing what I’d been doing all my life.  And they were getting paid very well to do it.  Needless to say, I got the job.  Apparently, I was a perfect fit.

I qualified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and took a whole load more courses on top, using my training budget at work and funding more training myself.  I trained with Tad James and David Shephard, Michael Grinder and others.  I discovered that some of my ‘tricks’ were actually NLP.  I just hadn’t known it!  I learned more and deepened my understanding.

Someone recently said that I was ‘born a Life Coach’. I think that’s probably true.  It’s not something I chose.  It’s something I am.

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